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Cabinet Wall Mount 450mm GREY 404 Series

The New 404 Series is a strong and robust cabinet, the full welded construction ensures the 404 has the strength for all applications, plus a steel framed acrylic door with quick release hinges allows easy access to load equipment and patch panels

The 404 has ventilated side panels to improve air flow and cable entry access via the top & base with gland plate covers, and mounting angles that are adjustable through the depth of the cabinet.The 404 has the option to add a “Split Rear Section” this unique design enables the strength to be transferred from the wall to the front cabinet section making the cabinet rigid and square, the rear section is of a welded construction with heavy duty hinges


Code Option Name
4275 6U (ES)
4276 9U (ES)
4277 12U (ES)
4278 15U (ES)
4279 18U (ES)


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