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Moshi Two Button Analogue Door Phone

  • Hands free communication powered by telephone line only
  • Tone (DTMF) and Pulse dial
  • 2 numbers with max 24 digits can be stored under each pushbutton (including *, #, Flash and Pause)
  • When dialled extension is busy, the call can be forwarded to e.g. GSM number
  • DAY/NIGHT switching automatically according to actual time* or by a code from the phone
  • 2 independent contacts (relays)*
  • 8 different switching modes for each relay
  • Switching by one or two pulses (sliding gate) when the electrical lock is used
  • Electronic volume settings without necessity to open the front cover of the unit
  • Integrated heating of the unit
  • Grounding output for a better protection against static electricity
  • PC programming via USB cable* or remotely by DTMF (phone). The PC programming SW is compatible with all Windows releases.

    * - optional

Part Number A2


Code Name
9265 Moshi Two Button Analogue Door Phone


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