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KXNCS 3910 Activation Key for Software Upgrade V-01

Activation Key for Software Upgrade to Enhanced Version (Software Upgrade 01)

The Panasonic KX-NCS3910 enhanced software activation key provides the activation key number and registration ID to download the UCAV2 activation key. It upgrades software to use enhanced features such as centralized VM, network ICD group, PS roaming (using network ICD group) and enhanced CTI functions.

  • Features:
  • Enhanced Software Activation Key (UCAv2)
  • Provides the Activation Key Number amp Registration ID to Download UCAV2 Activation Key

    Upgrades Software to Use Various Enhanced Features
  • Centralized VM
  • Network ICD Group
  • PS Roaming (Using Network ICD Group)
  • 250 Network DSS Keys for 8 PBXs
  • Common Extension Numbering Plan for Two PBXs
  • ICD Group Ring with Cellular Phones
  • Cellular Phone XDP Parallel
  • DISA Automatic Access by Cellular Phone
  • Transfer From Cellular Phone
  • ICD Group Call Distribution to Longest Idle Extension
  • Enhanced CTI Funtions

Part Number KX-NCS3910


Code Name
1975 KXNCS 3910 Activation Key for Software Upgrade V-01


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Code Name
1946 Z - KXNCP 1000 3U PBX No DSP
1947 KXNCP 500 2U PBX No DSP
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