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MiVoice Office 415 Basic System - 2DSI + 2FXS Ports

Aastra 415 is the perfect system for companies and organizations with up to 12 employees.

A broad range of interface cards allows the use of traditional analogue and digital terminals, as well as connection to public networks via analogue or ISDN trunk lines.

All Aastra 400 communication server open the full performance spectrum of modern business communication: call diversion, team switching, user groups and manager/secretary functions facilitate team work. Practical additional functions like Least Cost Routing (LCR) or call cost recording (for caller-oriented billing of calls made on personal or third-party telephone terminals) facilitate cost management and create more transparency. Call-barring or access-restriction functions are also available as additional cost-saving tools.

Part Number 203512851


Code Name
67012 MiVoice Office 415 Basic System - 2DSI + 2FXS Ports


Product Accessories and Consumables

Code Name
67014 MiVoice Office 415/430 2 FXO Analogue Trunk Card
67015 MiVoice Office 415/430 4DSI Terminal Card / 4AD2
67016 MiVoice Office 415/430 4FXO Analogue Trunk Card
67017 MiVoice Office 415/430 4FXS Terminal Card
67105 MiVoice Office 415/430 Cable Cover Kit
67018 MiVoice Office 415/430 ISDN 1 PRI Trunk Card
67019 MiVoice Office 415/430 ISDN 2BRI Trunk Card
67020 MiVoice Office 415/430 ISDN 4BRI Trunk Card
67022 MiVoice Office 430 Basic System
67023 MiVoice Office 430 Rack Mount Kit
67001 MiVoice Office 400 DSPX Resource Module x 1
67002 MiVoice Office 400 DSPX Resoure Module x 2
67021 MiVoice Office 415/430 Mains Lead
94064 Mitel Mains Lead for Mitel 215/430
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