BT Essential Dect TAM Phone Quad

Essential Phone with easy call blocking and answer machine - quad.

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Avoid nuisance and unwanted calls with the The BT Essential Phone. Block up 100 individual numbers or use the dedicated call block button to silence unwanted calls.


  • Block up to 100 numbers
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Easy set up
  • Hands-free speaker
  • See and hear if you have a second call waiting
  • Easy to read screen shows when you have messages
  • Dedicated Call Block Button
  • Save up to 100 contacts
  • Redial any of the last 10 calls you made
  • Record up to 30 minutes of messages
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TRUST code


TRUST code: 12611
Description: BT Essential Dect TAM Phone Quad Manufacturer Part no.: 090660
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