The pioneer of IP Phones worldwide. Snom produces robust, high quality, and feature-rich VoIP telephones that are universally compatible with leading hosted and PBX Platforms.

Why buy Snom

Outstanding audio quality

Sound is at the heart of our development and includes some of the world's most advanced sound optimisation tools.

Advanced software

Continuously developed and improved for 15 years, the Snom software is powerful, flexible and versatile.

Developed in Germany

We strive for perfection through attention to detail with solutions that are elegant, practical, inexpensive and great quality.

D785 desk phone

The Snom D785 offers the latest technology with an elegant design and sets new standards with the new user interface.

Thanks to the integrated second screen, many applications can be managed quickly and easily. The display enables the setup of up to 24 speed dial buttons for the administration of call groups, quick dial or function buttons and shows all information dynamically.

Snom Exchange

The Exchange Programme allows users of Snom's End Of Life handsets to replace their old model handset with a comparable product from Snom's current range.

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Featured Snom Products

Discover more about some of our bestselling Snom phones.

Snom D385

On the large 4.3 “TFT color display, the phone offers easy access to all important information such as call lists, address books and functions. Users are also supported by the redesigned user interface of firmware version 10.

Snom M215 SC

The best of two worlds - the Snom M15SC and the M200SC base station:

The M15 SC is a perfect entry-level device for home workplaces and smaller companies.

The M200 SC base station offers everything you need to operate an inexpensive but powerful and expandable DECT telephone solution

Snom D735

This compact all rounder is perfect for all uses thanks to its modern and smart functions, as well as the timeless design and colour variants. The new, optimised firmware allows each user to forward calls at the touch of a button, initiate conference calls or mute the telephone temporarily.

Partner Programme

Partner Programme Benefits Include:

  • FREE Phone on sign up
  • Generous Rebate Scheme - there are 3 levels available in the program, progressing through the levels means a higher rebate is available
  • Plus much more

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Snom Product Videos

Snom at a glance

Snom M215 SC - IP DECT Phone

Unboxing Snom C520 - WiMi Conference phone

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You can find a wide range of Snom video's on their YouTube Channel here

The DECT Revolution

Designed for use in small and medium-sized businesses to reduce cabling costs and allow rapid installation, or in front office and corporate environments to provide user mobility, Snom DECT solutions use a dedicated frequency band that is less congested than alternative wireless technologies. This allows for high-quality audio with DECT's secure communication encryption. Setup is easy and intuitive thanks to the integrated installation mode on the Snom handsets. Our base stations make the Snom DECT solutions ideal for use across several floors or throughout large buildings. Snom DECT handsets provide options for professional indoor and outdoor use, including hard hat or industrial areas.

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