Ascom IP-DECT Base Station 8 Channel

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The Ascom IPBS2-A3A with internal antenna (no external antenna needed) has compact design, an integrated antenna, connects to IP-PBX via LAN and supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) for ease of installation. Therefore it requires no additional cabling to support telephony. 

All wireless transmissions are encrypted and support cipher re-keying during calls to safeguard against radio eavesdropping. It features multiple channels with capacity for up to eight simultaneous voice calls, messaging; plus a dedicated alarm channel. Its built-in antenna has exceptional radio coverage, and there is even provision to connect external antennae to improve coverage or extend range. 


  • Connection to IP-PBX via LAN
  • Roaming and handover DECT GAP/CAP radio interface
  • H.323 or SIP protocol over IP
  • Secure SIP over TLS and SRTP
  • Over the air synchronisation
  • Web interface for configuration and software upgrade
  • Power over Ethernet or local power supply
  • External LED status indication
  • Messaging, Alarm and Interactive Messaging
  • Broadcast and Multicast Messaging
  • Wideband audio
  • 8 or 4 simultaneous calls
  • Enhanced DECT Security Step A and Step B (ETSI EN 300 444, N.35, N.36)


TRUST code


TRUST code: 75000
Description: Ascom IP-DECT Base Station 8 Channel Manufacturer Part no.: IPBS2-A3A

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